Rotten Wood Repairs

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There are many reasons for rotten home siding and trim boards in the Georgia climate. We find more rot on newer homes than older homes. The reason usually is due to the initial paint job. Builders skimp on preparation which includes low grade caulking, paint, siding and trim products. Houses are built so quickly these days that the wood used is usually still wet, then it cures / shrinks after it was installed on the home. This movement allows areas to open up and trap water that then begins the rotting process. On older homes caulking dries up and cracks allowing water penetration behind the trim and siding.

Unprotected chimneys and foundations can over time crumble. Roofs leak around faulty flashing, or gutters clogged with debris overflow, and as a result, neglected wood siding deteriorates and wood structure rots.

The durability of a chimney depends most of all upon its ability to resist water penetration. Brick, stone and concrete are not as solid as they look. They expand and contract. Masonry absorbs moisture and heat at different rates, which causes movement. Untreated masonry is very porous, readily soaking up water.

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Take a look at two of our recent rotten wood repairs. We offer free inspections to make sure your chimney is not in need of repairs.