Need Home Repairs or Maintenance?

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We offer residential and commercial maintenance and repairs in the greater Athens area. From small home repairs to larger commercial projects, we are staffed and eager to assist you. 

Our maintenance services range from installing a ceiling fan, tile work, drywall repairs, carpentry to a complete bathroom remodel.  When you need a licensed handyman or remodeler in the Athens area, call EDT Construction and Remodelling LLC today.

Sun, wind, rain and insects constantly bombard your home reducing the curb appeal and value of your investment. Keeping your home in top shape will not only protect you from the elements but increase your pride of home ownership and quality of life.

There are many reasons for rotten home siding and trim boards in the Georgia climate. We find more rot on newer homes than older homes. The reason usually is due to the initial paint job. Builders skimp on preparation which includes low grade caulking, paint, siding and trim products. Houses are built so quickly these days that the wood used is usually still wet, then it cures / shrinks after it was installed on the home. This movement allows areas to open up and trap water that then begins the rotting process. On older homes caulking dries up and cracks allowing water penetration behind the trim and siding.

Unprotected chimneys and foundations can over time, crumble. Roofs leak around faulty flashing, or gutters clogged with debris overflow, and as a result, neglected wood siding deteriorates and wood structure rots.

The durability of a chimney depends most of all upon its ability to resist water penetration. Brick, stone and concrete are not as solid as they look. They expand and contract. Masonry absorbs moisture and heat at different rates, which causes movement. Untreated masonry is very porous, readily soaking up water.

If you are a current homeowner, we recommend that you receive a home maintenance inspection every 4-5 months. For the low cost of about a dollar a day, a home maintenance inspection can help to identify problems and damage in your home before they become an expensive or irreversible threat to your fiscal well being. Most people perform regular maintenance on their car, yet most people neglect the single most expensive investment they have...their home. Much like a buyer-seller inspection, a home maintenance inspection is a visual examination of your homes systems, mechanicals and structure. Everything from top to bottom is inspected to ensure that everything is in proper working condition. Any defects or damage will be noted in our comprehensive home inspection report. You can be assured that you will get a professional, thorough and unbiased home inspection. At it’s conclusion you will get an easy to read, detailed report of the inspection. Read more about this service, click here