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The seasons here in Athens are usually mild, but we can have very cold winters, like several of the last winters.

Ask yourself a few simple questions about your house.

Was your house ready for this past winter?

  1. Have you had the gutter seams checked for leaks and gutters cleaned to keep from over spilling behind the gutter into the boxing, fascia and sofit during the heavy rains and snow we have had this past fall and winter?
  2. Has the caulking been checked for cracking and separation around the doors and windows in past two years?
  3. Has the weather stripping around the window and doors been inspected for leaks?
  4. Has the threshold been inspected to insure that the rubber sill is not bad at the bottom of the door?
  5. Have the window sashes been checked to assure there is no leakage in the argon gas between glass?
  6. Has your roof been inspected or cleaned in the past two years?

    If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to give us a call today. To maintain is easier and less expensive than to have to do major repairs after the damage has been done. Save money and "a headache", call now.

Is you home's well being worth $1 a day?

All homes over time, develop normal home maintenance problems, that if caught early and repaired, costs will be much less than if you wait until the needed repairs become very apparent.

Our Home Inspection Service is offered to you as a way of staying on top of home maintenance issues, before they become expensive repairs. Our inspector is a state licensed Contractor.

In the course of living in a home, many home owners often overlook, or else become accustomed to seeing, maintenance issues within their own home. Also, some maintenance issues aren't readily seen except by a trained professional and home owners often aren't even aware that they exist.

While some of these maintenance issues may be minor and inconsequential, many seemingly minor issues (like deteriorated caulk around windows), may lead to more serious problems such as wood rot within walls. When this occurs, it could draw in termites that left unchecked, would cause even more extensive unseen damage. Also, issues like excessive moisture in a crawl space can lead to serious and costly structural damage, fungus, mold and other concerns. And some problems, such as bad electrical wiring or deteriorated furnace vents, are safety concerns and potentially life threatening.

Our tri-annual home maintenance inspection from our state licensed Contractor provides you with a look at your home every 4 months, allowing you to save money by addressing minor maintenance issues before they turn into major problems. Piece of mind for $1 a day! Also, by joining our Home Inspection Service, you will receive a 5%* discount on any needed repairs performed by us. This is a win win for you!

Individual System Inspections

Certified individual home system inspections from a state licensed Contractor can offer you peace of mind by addressing your specific areas of concern and testing your home's components for safety and serviceable conditions.

If you are a current homeowner, we recommend that you receive a home maintenance inspection every year after you have closed on your property. For about the cost of a basic automobile oil change, a home maintenance inspection can help to identify problems and damage in your home before they become an expensive or severe threat to your financial well being.

Most people perform regular maintenance on their car, yet most people neglect the single most expensive investment they have...their home. Much like a buyer-seller inspection, a home maintenance inspection is a visual examination of your homes systems, mechanicals and structure. Everything from top to bottom is inspected to ensure that everything is in proper working condition. Any defects or damage will be noted in our comprehensive home inspection report.

Annual Maintenance Review

What is an Tri-annual maintenance review?

A look at your home every four months, allowing you to save money by addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner.

Why a review?

  • Cars are taken in for oil changes and tune-ups, people get an annual physical check-up, in the same way, your house needs regular check-ups also.

  • Small problems can be easy & less expensive to repair, left alone they can become large, costly problems.
  • To save you money. Catching developing problems early will save you money.
  • To look for problems behind the symptoms
  • To minimize the overall damage and needed repairs  


  • Full inspection of the exterior, including the roof and gutters. Gutters checked for leaks at seams. Includes two gutter cleanings per year. This is a saving to you of $50 per cleaning on a single story. We also look for pop up nails in shingles and check for damage to rubber roof boots and flashing to make sure there is no water entry problems.
  • Full inspection of the crawl space. The vapor barrier will be inspected for it's integrity and the wood joists will also be inspected for any issues they may have. All A/C condensation drain lines are inspected for proper flow. All foundation vents are inspected and opened in spring and closed in the fall.
  • Window and door caulking will be checked.
  • Attic inspection upon request. Owner must be present.
  • General home maintenance. Exterior paint condition, mildew problems and rotten wood on trim.

We will contact you prior to your scheduled inspections to set a specific time. After we evaluate your home, you will receive a written report of our findings. If there are any repairs needed, we will help you to set priorities and map out a plan for making those repairs. Schedule an inspection now!

*Can not combine. This offer is not available with any other discount offer.