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At EDT Construction & Remodeling, we're passionate about decks because nothing utilizes a backyard living space better than a well-built EDT deck. Decks are the South's favorite yard feature, since they are simply great for capturing that special view of the yard, lake, sunrises or sunsets. Whether a simple platform deck or a multilevel extravaganza, an EDT deck makes any backyard more fun. A properly designed and planned deck will:

  • Encourage outdoor living year-round.
  • Associate easily with steps or fences in any landscaping plan.
  • Be well planned to allow for future additions. Include elements like benches, tables, flower boxes, or storage units.
  • Add privacy to your home.
  • Add to the unique features of your home.
  • Enhance a poolside area.
  • Be used for multiple activities at various times of the day.


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